My graduate capstone publication at the end of my studies, 'Imperfect', is a 400 page hard-cover curation of film photography. The work includes work from a handful of friends that I met along the journey of my studies around various cities in Australia. The publication is a dedication to my deceased grandfather, a man who was blind but had a vision. He gave me inspiration in life to never take sight for granted, and in turn, has pushed me to revel in all things visually delightful. The work within the book is a celebration of life and all things visual. The work was highly curated from page to page, with page-to-page flow and composition as the integral focus of the publication. The final form is a highly eclectic glimpse into our collective youth.

The challenge

To art direct, design and publish a publication that showcased contributors' work without detracting from their art or the raw nature of film photography. Effectively, the challenge was maintaining restraint while effectively expressing artistic intent and establishing a journey for the audience without detracting from contributors' work.

the outcome

The final form of the publication is a 400 page, hardcover, section-bound book with a spot varnish cover design. 'Imperfect' is an expression of the artists' experiences that provided their photography, and a homage to my late pop (grandfather), Graham Laycock. It celebrates the beauty of the world around us and is a reflection of the strange, chaotic journey that we call "life".


Art Direction
Publication Design



Imperfect Photo Book - dedication spread: dedicated to my blind grandfather Imperfect Photo Book - left page shows large brick structure set in a forest of trees, right page image shows large concrete structure in forest of trees Imperfect Photo Book - left page image of woman laying on boat with water and mountains in the distance, right page image of woman looking through a large orange device while sitting on boat Imperfect Photo Book - left page shows a rock covered in vegetation standing out of the ocean, right page shows woman climbing rock Imperfect Photo Book - left page blank, right page full bleed image of person working in rice field Imperfect Photo Book - left page shows old dilapidated sporting stand, right page top image shows inside of an old sporting structure, bottom image of old structure in city Imperfect Photo Book - left page image shows large blue building, right page image shows woman sitting with head down and arms crossed on floor in front of blue building Imperfect Photo Book - left page full bleed image of rainbow coloured escalator, right page image of hallway with colourful machine in the distance Imperfect Photo Book - left page deep brown/green colour, right page image of woman wearing similar colour coat in front of pink wall Imperfect Photo Book - left image of large courtyard with intricate mosaic pattern, right page image looking down on field of old run down buildings
Imperfect Photo Book - left page shows cropped image of desert field of cacti, right page full bleed image of desert sand dune

A meaningful journey

The grid system provided a necessary sense of consistency while experimenting with scale and composition to create a rhythm and sense of journey throughout the publication.

Imperfect Photo Book - image of flamingos in water on both pages of spread Imperfect Photo Book - left page image of desert oasis, right page image of mountains in distance, forest and body of water Imperfect Photo Book - left page image of two women in stands wearing hijabs, right page image shows men surrounding taxis Imperfect Photo Book - left page solid pink colour, right page man standing on pink staircase Imperfect Photo Book - blank left page, right page shows person draping fabric in front of them Imperfect Photo Book - left page blank, right page shows person with blue hair posing with draped fabric over their shoulders Imperfect Photo Book - left page shows photo of house with curtain flying out of window, right page shows someone laying on top of someone on a bed Imperfect Photo Book - image spread: girl smiling on left page, man posing in front of tree on right page. Imperfect Photo Book - both spreads include people posing
Imperfect Photo Book - photo of tree in front of suburban house on left page, girl posing under tree on right page Imperfect Photo Book - left page small photo of blind pop Graham Laycock, right page is a blank black page


Thank you to the numerous talented photographers that contributed their photography to this publication. Without your contributions, 'Imperfect' would have only been a dream. Your work allowed the vision to become a reality, creating a photographic mosaic of our collective journeys in life.


Tomas James
Henry King
Cameron Scott
Mitchell J Brooks
Samantha Hughes
Tom Van Beem
Harriet Roxburgh
Whites Law Book Bindery


Section Bound
Envirocare 100% Recycled Paper Stock
Spot Varnish Cover


GT America GZA


Adobe InDesign

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