Resonate Magazine

A music magazine designed, written and photographed by myself. Featuring articles written by myself alongside content from a combination of local musicians and enthusiasts, the magazine looks at how music is enjoyed by people in different ways. The magazine gives a glimpse into people's connection with music, the records they hold dear and the memories they'll always hold sacred.

The challenge

To source and write content for my magazine, art directed and designed by myself. Producing a magazine that reflects the culture and music scene that inspired the work; without losing authenticity or artistic expression in the process.

the outcome

The design represents the loud energy and aesthetic within much of music culture printed at A3 and includes a pull-out double-sided poster.


Art Direction
Editorial Design



Resonate Magazine - page with large white text 'festival culture' on black background Resonate Magazine - inside title/contents page Resonate Magazine - 'festival culture' spread with large text and image of man at festival Resonate Magazine - bright yellow typography spread with large text 'MELBOURNE UP & COMING MUSICIAN' Resonate Magazine - page showing interview typography Resonate Magazine - large double page spread of man standing in front of record collection Resonate Magazine - 'Deep & Dark' double page spread with very large text spread across two black pages

Having fun

The magazine was an opportunity to have fun without constraints or restrictions. Dramatic typography was let loose on the page, giving the freedom to dance across an A2 spread.

Resonate Magazine - bright red 'dancing' spread


Thank you to the various musicians, artists and enthusiasts that contributed to this magazine. Without your words and time, the magazine couldn't have existed.


Jesse Lourey
Ross Gamble
Classic  Colour Copying


A3 Satin Stock


Adobe InDesign
Adobe Photoshop
Adobe Lightroom

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